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The One Remote Person

03 Nov 2021

Often consultants bring a fantasy of co-located teams to their clients. This is a fantasy because companies have been using remote workforces for the entirety of my career, so thinking that will change is silly. In this particular article, I want to focus on one tiny aspect of a fairly standard setup—a single remote worker with a significant time difference.


Bringing Conversation to a Point Using ORID

01 Nov 2021

We’ve all been in meetings that wandered around topics without ever really landing on a defined point or decision. This leaves many people frustrated that there isn’t closure, and when the meeting is over, nobody is sure what they should take from that meeting. A straightforward technique to learn, though difficult to master, is ORID.


How to Introduce an Activity as a Facilitator

05 Oct 2021

At some point in one’s career in tech, you’ll wind up leading a meeting and need people to take part in some facilitation activity. That might be a retrospective or an activity where you hold a vote. If you’ve ever felt awkward introducing the activity, here’s a step-by-step way to do it next time.


How I Define a Team

21 Sep 2021

Team is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot and sadly often means individuals assigned to work in close proximity. Since I specialize in building teams, I have a very different definition.