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Are Scrum Masters Worth It?

08 Dec 2023

In my last article, I went through a few frameworks and mentioned how there are plenty of Scrum Masters eager to prove themselves. They are a peculiar role in most companies, and many Scrum Masters struggle to answer the question, “What is it you do exactly?”


The Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Popular Agile Frameworks

06 Dec 2023

If I were to ever write an article that would prompt an argument online, this is the one. There is so much noise and hand-wringing about the one true agile framework that it is impossible to make sense of things. Sadly that puts our community in a position where it looks like we’re more interested in seeing everyone lose than helping anyone succeed. It also puts leaders in a terrible position of having to wade through the online sludge of before trying to make a choice. So, with that, I am going to give my short, no-nonsense guide to Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe.


Book Review: Spin Selling

01 Dec 2023

I recently finished a book that another consultant recommended called Spin Selling. Many of us consultants are really good at what we consult on but not so great at marketing and selling. So when someone recommends a book to help me improve, I’m all for it.


A Short List of Unhealthy Beliefs

29 Nov 2023

I try to focus my writing on presenting a situation or problem and a way to move forward from it. In this article, I’m going to only focus on the problematic beliefs I encounter in organizations and individuals. The entire point of this little article is to put down the unhealthy things I deal with so you can empathize and maybe be honest about where you might have some of these as well.


Deciding Fast and Deciding Slow

27 Nov 2023

Many organizations I consult with wish they could move faster. These organizations also cite how long it takes to make simple decisions as a huge bottleneck and would love to find ways to remove or expedite the decisions.