My Mission

Align, Attempt, and Adapt.
Change the world.

I am an agile coach that is interested in organizations that are ready to get to market sooner with better products.


Am I Right For You?

Let me first explain a few things that I am not. I am not a developer, designer, UX person, system administrator, DBA, or project manager.

I have been all of these things before, but I won't be them for your organization.

Instead, I can assist your team and organization discover what real high performance is like. I can help groups find true purpose in the challenges ahead, and equip them with an agile/lean mindset backed with tried practices and methods to attempt the most audacious mission that your organization that could change it's future forever.


Lets have a chat. Tell me about the problems you and your organization are facing, what you're considering and I'll give my thoughts.

Here are some potential things I'd love to talk through with you:

  • How do I get my boss to consider trying an idea.
  • How might an Agile set up look in my group?
  • What do you think I should know about SAFe, Scrum, Kanban, etc.
  • Or any other problem that is wearing on you

Price: $100
Duration: 1 hour

Set up a time

Coaching and Mentoring

Software creates change. Change in your users, and change in your organization. Having a coach or mentor guide you through this can be invaluable. Unfortunately there are no silver bullets.
I'll work closely with your organization in various areas:

  • Education and workshops with senior leaderships on software as an industry, and the various practices in use.
  • Turning a marginally successful or failed software product around with validated learning
  • Interviewing potential new hires to help with future software
  • Building a high performing software team for the first time
  • Implementing Agile or Lean practices

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