Land the Job - Online Class

Secrets and techniques that are proven to get more interviews, more offers, and negotiate at least $10,000 more.

  • Over 20 lessons and 31 videos covering all aspects of getting the job you want
  • Proven material spanning a decade of personal experience and dozens of clients
  • Lifetime access to all material, extras, and community chat
  • Oh, and a money-back guarantee because the material works
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Land the Job - Book

Land your first development job in six months or less, and negotiate $10,000 more.

  • Do you wonder why you don't get interviews and how you can get them EVERY time?
  • Are you confused about if you should focus on GitHub, a portfolio site, or coding challenges?
  • Want to know how interviews are structured and techniques to beat each one?
  • Would you like to negotiate more pay every time you get an offer?
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Techniques, knowledge, and what you need to maximize your career in tech.

  • Stories from actual interviews and from clients
  • Hyper-focused exploration of topics and techniques
  • Advanced topics on interviewing and negotiation
  • Leadership and non-developer career information