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Feature Soup

16 Dec 2020

Most product people often struggle to know when they’ve added the right mixture of features and complexity to make a product that customers like. Far more often, they wind up in a situation I call “Feature soup.” The soup has everything you could want, yet isn’t a soup you enjoy.


Tell Me About Yourself

08 Dec 2020

Quite often, we find ourselves in jobs or roles that don’t make sense to us. It could be because they aren’t defined or because the definition always seems to change. How can you thrive if you don’t know how to succeed? One way you can change that is to define the principles you hold as you pursue excellence.


Should I Go Back to School?

03 Dec 2020

A question I get asked a lot by the people I coach is, “Should I go back to school?” They often ask this as they struggle to navigate the ridiculous interviews companies put them through. So, should they go back?


How I Set Goals

30 Nov 2020

Whether it is performance reviews, personal, strategic, or yearly, goal-setting is an important skill to develop. I find myself often helping leaders articulate and shape theirs, and today I want to cover a few basics about them.


The Emperor’s New Clothes

24 Nov 2020

I was reading old fables to my kid a bit ago and read him The Emperors New Clothes. Two things struck me at the end. First, how little I remembered about the story, and second how strong of analogy it is for what I encounter as I consult in companies, and what I do to help everyone see the truth.


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