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Hacking Procrastination

12 Nov 2020

Some time ago, I was on a coaching call, and I noticed that they were getting frustrated as they talked more and more about all the work they weren’t getting done. I remarked that they seemed to be frustrated, and they then expressed that they keep putting everything off, and all this procrastination is killing them.


How I Cut Development Time to 1/3rd

27 Aug 2020

A familiar reprieve from many consultants, agilists, and others is, “There are no silver bullets.” I’m going to describe the closest thing I know of as one, and it is also the most controversial thing I bring to my clients.


Maximize Your Time With Pomodoro

02 May 2020

This week I wanted to write about a technique that I use pretty regularly. The Pomodoro Technique. While I suspect many of you are familiar with it, I want to go over the basics so that if you want to find a way to make the most of the time you have, you can get started.