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When You're Asked to Help Someone

09 May 2022

A client told me that they had recently tasked one of their subordinates to help someone else in the group. They were a little concerned with my uncharacteristic silence. After they asked why I was quiet, we talked about some of my concerns and what was going on. This situation comes up somewhat regularly, so I will walk through my mental breakdown of how to handle situations like this.


Bringing Conversation to a Point Using ORID

01 Nov 2021

We’ve all been in meetings that wandered around topics without ever really landing on a defined point or decision. This leaves many people frustrated that there isn’t closure, and when the meeting is over, nobody is sure what they should take from that meeting. A straightforward technique to learn, though difficult to master, is ORID.


When to Stop Work

02 Feb 2021

There are a number of times in any given project or product development cycle where you might have to consider stopping work. I want to explore some of those ideas and share a story.


Knowing the Details and Trusting the Team

01 Feb 2021

I often work with leaders who have a team or several teams of developers and want to trust them but wind up surprised and frustrated when news breaks. This incongruence feels a little hopeless because, on the one hand, they trust the team to take care of things, but then things still go wrong. What do you do about knowing the details and trusting the team?