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When to Stop Work

02 Feb 2021

There are a number of times in any given project or product development cycle where you might have to consider stopping work. I want to explore some of those ideas and share a story.


Knowing the Details and Trusting the Team

01 Feb 2021

I often work with leaders who have a team or several teams of developers and want to trust them but wind up surprised and frustrated when news breaks. This incongruence feels a little hopeless because, on the one hand, they trust the team to take care of things, but then things still go wrong. What do you do about knowing the details and trusting the team?


I Never Said That!

09 Sep 2020

I was working with a group, and we were starting a new project. In this particular case, one group thought the project was for one set of users with a scope set. Another thought the goal was different, and yet another thought there was an other stakeholder.