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What Might We Learn From Parler?

12 Jan 2021

Parler had a fascinating history full of security vulnerabilities, rapid scale, and an even more rapid shutdown. In some regards, it’s like the story of Icarus, who failed to heed good advice and fell to his death. People’s reactions to Parler’s shutdown will vary, but a rare take I will explore here is: What if it could happen to us?


Agile Transformation in 4 Acts

06 Jan 2021

I’m a big believer in agility, and I often help my clients find ways to take steps in growing their agility. Unfortunately, that means I also get tangled up in “Transformations.” Here’s how I typically see it play out, and some things I’d rather try instead:


The Shapes of User Stories

31 Dec 2020

I often wind up helping groups understand some aspects of agility and Scrum. One common topic that seems to confuse groups is user stories. I want to go over several shapes they tend to appear in and close with my desired one. Hopefully, you’ll see the shape yours take and the tradeoffs.


Feature Soup

16 Dec 2020

Most product people often struggle to know when they’ve added the right mixture of features and complexity to make a product that customers like. Far more often, they wind up in a situation I call “Feature soup.” The soup has everything you could want, yet isn’t a soup you enjoy.


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