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Superstitions and Piseogs

02 Mar 2024

I bet most of you are wondering what the word piseog is and it is pretty tricky to look up. I first encountered it in one of my favorite books, “The Once and Future King” by T.H. White. If you’ve ever watched “The Sword in the Stone” animated movie, you’ve seen the book’s first quarter. It’s a wonderful and tragic telling of the story of King Arthur. I highly recommend it.


Tick-Tock of the Agile Clock

14 Feb 2024

I often think about where large transformations go wrong in organizations. I’ve been through several “agile” flavored ones, and at this point, I think they’re mostly doomed to fail. That doesn’t mean that pursuing agility is a waste of time, but there are a lot of things working against transformations, and I want to bring up one of the issues I see everywhere.


Three Costly Mistakes of Technical Teams

05 Feb 2024

Everyone thinks they have the answer to what will improve things, and technical teams are often very vocal about their ideas. Yet, in my experience, many technical teams advocate for things that can be far more costly than what is happening today, and I will share three of those things.