Are you exhausted from a job search that feels random?

I hear you.

It can feel soul-crushing to try and do everything right with your resume and portfolio and still not get an offer you want.

Especially if you see posts everywhere of people landing incredible jobs who don't do anything different than you.

The truth is that the entire interviewing process in our industry is broken and geared to keep people out instead of recognizing your talents and ability.

Think about it! First, you send a resume and hope someone gleans from that single paper that you're worth interviewing. Then when you interview have to answer obscure trick questions, code problems you'll never solve on the job, with tools you'll never use, and do it all within a few minutes. Nothing about that is fair or shows them how great you could be at the job. It just sets you up to fail.

But what if you knew how to write a resume that gets you an interview every time? What if you knew how to reverse the odds when you went into the interview so that you had the upper hand? What if you negotiated more compensation every time?

You absolutely can, just like my clients.

I have helped developers with negotiation and compensation exceeding a million dollars.

"When I first started my job search I used freely available online materials to prepare for interviews. I spent hours reading information on how to prepare but it all felt overwhelming and disorganized. A friend referred me to Ryan after having worked with Ryan for a couple of months and successfully landed a coveted role at a unicorn tech company. Right from early conversations with Ryan, I felt like he understood what I was going through and was able to help me navigate the complicated process of preparing for interviews with top tech companies."

Here's a secret—the skills and knowledge needed to get a job have NOTHING to do with doing the job itself.

If you want to have the career and job you want, learn the skills and knowledge needed to get offers on your terms! There is hope in this idea. It means that you can get the jobs you want by picking up a few more skills. It isn't about your coding ability at all!

Most of what people believe about getting a job comes from our parents or what we hear from our peers. Sadly, what worked for them may not work consistently. That means that you might be copying advice that only worked one time, or you might be trying to duplicate something that was luck.

My approach is different. I tracked metrics across numerous experiments over a decade of job-hopping. I interviewed and surveyed hiring managers, and incorporated feedback from my career clients.

What I teach comes with a guarantee because it works.

When you know that you can get a job when you want, you have freedom and power in your career. You don't have to suffer under a toxic manager or stagnate in a job without growth. Instead, you can apply what I teach and find that next, better, more profitable opportunity.

"I recently worked with Ryan in preparation for a final round interview for a technical program manager position. Ryan is a terrific coach and mentor who spent as much time as I needed to feel confident and prepared for the interview. He provided me with a foundation and framework for the system design interview that ultimately helped me land an offer that I was ecstatic about. I would recommend Ryan to anyone seeking to improve their skills ahead of a technical interview."

This is how to get the career you want for the lifestyle you deserve.

Don't Stop at The Coding Interview

Do you ever feel like you can't ever seem to learn enough to get through the technical interviews? Other classes teach only answers to technical questions or coding techniques for you to use to solve a fraction of the questions you'll see in your interviews.

What I teach is different.

I teach you to navigate the entire job search process from finding jobs, technical interviews, and negotiating your offer. I even guarantee the results.

I know how it feels to struggle in the coding interviews. I remember feeling like I could never learn enough because every interview was so different. Before you exhaust yourself by solving endless problems and studying answers to questions, consider this&emdash; your interviewers didn't answer those questions either.

That's right. Your interviewers didn't have to solve the question before they asked it. They didn't have to do anything other than google interview questions and decide if they like it or not. Your interviewers are almost always making it up as they go and untrained to interview you.

This is where the difference in my approach shines. You can't code your way out of an interview that is built to make you fail.

I teach you how to navigate the interview using best practices and psychological principles to beat even the most poorly conceived interview. My techniques will show you make you the candidate they want to hire without solving ridiculous problems. I teach strategies that work for dozens of clients and me to get more offers consistently.

Proven Material That Gets Results

Okay, so the self paced-class is $25, and that probably comes with a bit of sticker shock. If you put what I teach into action, not only will you get a job faster, but you can negotiate $10,000. That is a 10:1 return on just what I teach to negotiate. If you consider more broadly that this material will help you throughout your career, this material is worth millions in the career that you can have.

Yeah, yeah, so what do you actually get? Let me explain the overall course structure.

Introduction & Onboarding - 3 Lessons

These lessons orient you to the course and prepare you to make the most of its material. You also will develop personal goals for both your life and career, and get a better sense of who you really want to be in that career. These elements will give you a clear direction in your job search, interviews, and negotiation.

  1. Welcome - An orientation to the class, how it works, and getting the most out of it.
  2. Your Winning Formula - Time to learn the process I use and teach to get a job quickly.
  3. Know Thyself - How to develop your life and career goals so you know what a good job is.

Six-Figure Resume - 4 Lessons

I know nobody really loves dealing with their resume, but it is required for every job we want. When you're done with these lessons you'll have a resume that will have a dramatic increase in the number of interviews you get.

  1. Why Resumes Matter - They're still the first impression you make, so make it a good one.
  2. The Winning Format - The unique resume format I use that can get an interview almost 100% of the time.
  3. The Prototype Resume and Your Skills - How to build a resume that makes applying to jobs quick, and how to show off your skills.
  4. Building your Experience Section - The secret sauce of a resume that makes people call, and sets your interview up for success.

Other Materials & Applying to Jobs - 5 Lessons

Some of you are already thinking, "What about my portfolio site or github?" These lessons will tell you how to get the most out of these other materials so that you don't waste a bunch of precious time. This lesson also introduces the overall system I teach people to use to get a job quickly. For first-time people, you can have a job in less than six months. For people with six months of experience or more, you can get a job in less than three months.

The shortest time I've seen is two weeks. Can you beat that?

  1. Ew, Cover Letters? - They don't always work, but they can be a low-effort way to rise to the top.
  2. GitHub, LinkedIn, and Portfolios - My controversal take on these secondary materials and how to get the most from them.
  3. Targeting your Efforts - How to search for jobs, read the postings, and decide to apply.
  4. Start Applying - Apply, apply, apply!
  5. What About Recruiters? - External vs internal recruiters, how they work, and how to get them to work for you.

Nailing Interviews - 7 lessons

Okay, this is the big one. These lessons break down the overall process that interviews fall into, introduce strategies that work across all of them, and then tear down specific interviews and how to deal with them.

For example, everyone will get hit with a question they don't know the answer two, but I teach three different ways to handle that. When you have to do an assignment, I'll teach you how to do it so that you stand out from everyone else, and a few other secrets.

The list goes on, but I want to be clear. I do not teach you how to code, or the answers to questions like, "How do you explain prototypical inheritance in javascript?" I teach you how to beat these interviews regardless of what they ask you.

  1. Stages of the Interview - Knowing the interview steps allows you to target your preperation.
  2. Core Strategies that Work in ALL Interviews - Several techniques that give you the best chances throughout the entire process.
  3. The Phone Screen - The first technical interview, and how to handle the moment when you don't know the answer.
  4. Perfecting Your Assignments - When you get a take-home assignment, how do you stand out?
  5. How To Get Through That Technical Interview - Tips and techniques for whiteboarding, pairing, system design, and more.
  6. So, What Questions Do You Have For Me? - You need to interview companies as much as they interview you.
  7. When HR Asks, How Do You Answer? - How to handle those behavioral questions that tend to throw people off.

Offers and Negotiation - 4 lessons

Here at the end, I teach you how to safely negotiate every offer you're going to see and a few higher-risk ways to negotiate as well. You'll also learn what is in your offer packet, what to ask about, and what to watch out for. Finally, I'll teach you how to handle a job search when you're already employed. At the end of this lesson, you'll be ready to sign the offer you want.

  1. The Two Parts of an Offer - Understand the offer process in two parts.
  2. Negotiate $10k Today - Here you go, how to negotiate the easy, low-risk way.
  3. Boring Paperwork - Benefits, IP transfer clauses, NDAs and all the other stuff you need to know before you sign.
  4. Saying Goodbye - The best time to get a job is when you're employed, but how do you quit and do this safely?
"Over the past several years Ryan has been a constant source of information for me in my development career. Ryan's mentorship put me in a headspace to focus on the right things to not only get the job I want, but to do well in it. 3 months ago I landed a dream job working on a product that I had already used and loved for the better part of a decade with a salary that I would have laughed at if you told me five years ago. It would be an understatement to say that I worked hard for all of this, but it is also completely true that none of this would have been possible without the ways that Ryan poured into me. I think what is most impressive about working with Ryan is that the advice he gives tends to sort of pour out of people once they get to know them. Since working with him I have now mentored multiple people from zero experience to landing their first job, it's so fulfilling that it is easy to see why he puts the energy he does into it!"

My Guarantee

For the past few years, I've been able to make a guarantee to my clients, and I want to do the same here.

If you do what I teach and it's your first job, you'll have one in less than six months.

If you do what I teach and it's your second job, you'll have one in less than three months.

This isn't a coding school or Bootcamp, so show up to this class able to code, and I'll take care of you getting your career in order.

If you can't get a job within the times I said, I'll give you a refund.


There are a few more bonuses that I include in the class.

  1. You'll get access to our private community on Discord, where you, me, and others will be to help each other throughout our entire careers
  2. You'll get worksheets that will help you with the material in the class that will help you manage the process, your stress, and build a world-class resume.
  3. You get a free copy of my book to round out the material and serve as a valuable reference.

All of the class, and these extras are yours for life.



I'm serious about fixing our industry and helping developers. If you're a woman or under represented person in tech, I want you to reach out to me about a scholarship.

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