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Want to Get More Interviews?

15 Jul 2021

Ever wondered why you don’t get an interview at some companies? The answer is that your resume wasn’t good enough. In this article, I will take a few moments to explain why that is and a few things you can do to stand out more.


The Ups and Downs of Recruiters

09 Oct 2020

Last night I saw a tweet fly by about a new book coming out that was all about the technical resume. I found it fitting since today I want to start promoting my first-ever class on the same thing. They mentioned it includes advice from 200+ recruiters and managers.


One Resume to Rule Them All

23 Sep 2020

Most people I meet on their path to getting the job they want in software show me a resume that looks like something they either haven’t touched since school or full of fancy design aspects and empty when it comes to content. I quickly explain the concept of the “Prototype” resume to put them in a position to customize resumes, apply to jobs quicker, and better prepare themselves to negotiate.


What’s My Value

28 Aug 2020

On Friday, I led two back-to-back workshops about building resumes that lead to getting interviews, nearly 100% of the time. One of the things I was most worried about teaching people was how to write their experience in a way that shows value.