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Blame the Intern

27 Feb 2021

An article just surfaced on CNN where the top executives of SolarWinds essentially shifted the responsibility of a password leak to an intern. This infuriates me, but I think it serves as an excellent reminder of some hard truths about working for a company.


Who Dropped the Ball?

02 Feb 2021

There are times throughout my career where I’ve taken an extreme stance on my responsibility as a developer. Ironically this approach was rarely met with accolades until well after the moments passed. So here are some of those stories. As you read them, I invite you to ask yourself what your responsibility is as a professional?


The Emperor’s New Clothes

24 Nov 2020

I was reading old fables to my kid a bit ago and read him The Emperors New Clothes. Two things struck me at the end. First, how little I remembered about the story, and second how strong of analogy it is for what I encounter as I consult in companies, and what I do to help everyone see the truth.