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Practice Those Interviews

31 Aug 2020

I talked with a friend this week who was asking for some advice about if they should apply to some jobs they found recently. Before deciding now if they want the job, I suggested that they start with treating them as practice. We then talked about some things to consider practicing during interviews. Let me say a little about practice, and then I’ll give three examples.


Can You Hard-Boil an Egg?

28 Jul 2020

My favorite chef, Jacques Pepin, says that he judges a chef by what he does with eggs. That eggs are so simple in concept, but require precision to get right. He goes further to talk about the importance of technique, and that learning to perfectly hard boil an egg is where some people should start.


Building a Habit

26 May 2020

I’ll admit it, right now with COVID-19 still going strong, most of my routines and habits are in shambles. Before this time, I felt like a powerhouse of productivity. Now, though, it seems even the smallest things I was doing daily have slipped. So now it’s time for me to explain how I typically rebuild habits.


Top Reasons to Try Pair-Programming

23 Mar 2020

I started pair-programming years ago, and it has become a huge part of how I code and work with others ever since. Yet, when I go to clients, the very thought of pair-programming or pairing up is met with lots of different objections. They range from things taking longer, or that it is a waste of a senior person’s time, to paying twice as much for half the work. Those are the objections, but what are my main reasons for advocating for it?