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Does Theory of Constraints Make Sense for Software?

13 Dec 2023

Two well-known books where leadership and software intersect are The Phoenix Project and The Goal. These books are novelizations of a company that redeems itself by leveraging the Theory of Constraints. While The Phoenix Project is very much a take on The Goal with a software angle, the lesson is the same. So here’s the question: does the Theory of Constraints apply to software development?


Start Less, Finish More

29 Jul 2022

Let’s talk about a situation that happens in almost every team I see. After meeting everyone and getting access to things, I will look at whatever tools they use to manage their work. I do this because while most people are adamant they use the tool, few give it much regard other than it’s a chore to do.


Getting Started With the Lean Canvas

24 Jun 2022

It might seem as though I’m late to the show writing about a Lean Canvas, but I’ve been using them for years, and I continually find my clients are unaware of their existence. They’re a wonderful tool for rapidly creating options and representing a product or business. So I thought I’d share a bit about getting started with them.


A Vignette of Kaizen

13 Oct 2020

Don’t tell my kids, but we bought an absurd present for Christmas, and I spent a few hours putting it together and hiding it in the attic. It is called a Pickler. As I assembled it, I went through several rapid improvements in my approach to building it, and I am going to connect back to Kaizen or continuous improvement hopefully.


How I Cut Development Time to 1/3rd

27 Aug 2020

A familiar reprieve from many consultants, agilists, and others is, “There are no silver bullets.” I’m going to describe the closest thing I know of as one, and it is also the most controversial thing I bring to my clients.