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Are Scrum Masters Worth It?

08 Dec 2023

In my last article, I went through a few frameworks and mentioned how there are plenty of Scrum Masters eager to prove themselves. They are a peculiar role in most companies, and many Scrum Masters struggle to answer the question, “What is it you do exactly?”


The Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Popular Agile Frameworks

06 Dec 2023

If I were to ever write an article that would prompt an argument online, this is the one. There is so much noise and hand-wringing about the one true agile framework that it is impossible to make sense of things. Sadly that puts our community in a position where it looks like we’re more interested in seeing everyone lose than helping anyone succeed. It also puts leaders in a terrible position of having to wade through the online sludge of before trying to make a choice. So, with that, I am going to give my short, no-nonsense guide to Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe.


Managing a Self-Managed Team

15 Nov 2023

For years, folks have struggled with phrases like “self-organizing” and the newer “self-managed” regarding teams. I have met plenty of leaders and managers who have tried to figure out how to create teams with these qualities and find their own place when they work with teams like this. In this article, I want to talk through a few things to consider if you’re a leader interested in building self-managed teams.


You're Agile, Now What?

10 Nov 2023

Let’s face it: agile conquered the world of software development. Often, though, I find people are dissatisfied with the results, and in this article, I want to point out a few common things that folks struggle with and what you can do to get some of the results that Agile or Scrum promised.