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How to Estimate Anything Quickly

10 Mar 2021

Estimating projects, huge ones, seems to be an activity that causes groans and protests. I understand why. Often there’s a tension between accuracy and knowing that they can’t be accurate. When confronted with estimating a large body of work, I employ a variation on affinity estimating that takes 10 minutes and gives a preview of where the monsters are hiding in the road ahead.


Can You Go Too Far With Your Product?

28 Jan 2021

There was an interesting movie from when I was younger that I sometimes think of when I work with people on product management concepts. Many of us know the 80/20 rule about effort and whatnot, but what about in terms of adoption? Can you add one feature too much that hurts adoption? I think you can.


Agile Transformation in 4 Acts

06 Jan 2021

I’m a big believer in agility, and I often help my clients find ways to take steps in growing their agility. Unfortunately, that means I also get tangled up in “Transformations.” Here’s how I typically see it play out, and some things I’d rather try instead:


The Shapes of User Stories

31 Dec 2020

I often wind up helping groups understand some aspects of agility and Scrum. One common topic that seems to confuse groups is user stories. I want to go over several shapes they tend to appear in and close with my desired one. Hopefully, you’ll see the shape yours take and the tradeoffs.