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So You Want To Launch a Product

20 Sep 2022

Everyone loves thinking about all the features their new software product will have, but many other elements need that same level of attention. I am guilty of missing some of these myself or at least putting them off too long. Here is an incomplete list of the “other stuff” you may need to deal with if you want to launch a product.


When Performance Matters

15 Jun 2021

When you have a high-stakes project, how do you know people are just talking about software performance vs taking action? I share a way to use your use-cases to get started setting performance targets early.


Taking Two Bites Of an Ice Cream Cone

15 Feb 2021

Often I wind up working with teams and managers who want to know more about how to get started with automated testing or realize their efforts are backfiring. For the last of those cases, it is almost always because they adopted the ice-cream anti-pattern of testing, but I teach two techniques that help them get back on track.


My Path to Learn Clojure

29 Jan 2021

I’ve been in this software game for over a decade now, and yep, still learning. Admittedly I haven’t had to put too much effort into learning new things as the years go on, but I decided to challenge myself by learning something where I have few previous patterns to leverage. I’m going to try and learn Clojure, which is a LISP, and breaks from most things I’m comfortable with.