Services and Offerings

My mission is to create teams that change the world.

I’ve acquired and honed a lot of unique skills, knowledge, and experience in the pursuit of my mission, and that means I have a lot to offer your group as well.

The list below is a set of offerings I’ve developed and deployed in other clients. If you don’t see something that you want, reach out to me. A lot of these offerings started that exact way!

10x Team Program

For the past half-decade, I’ve been perfecting a combination of training, techniques, and coaching that I’ve successfully applied, leading to up to 10x performance for software teams.

What does that 10x look like? Well, it looks like fewer bugs and defects, more frequent deployments, a less-stressed set of teams, and completing work up to 10x as fast.

My approach involves aligning leadership, targeted training, and embedded consulting as new skills are practiced, and a fundamental shift in how work happens takes root.

Last Chance Consulting

I love a challenge. If you have a situation that appears to be a do-or-die moment, we should talk. I’ve been able to bring numerous products to market as the last-ditch effort when money runs out, and there are no more options left. To do this, I bring a series of technical fundamentals to the team that allows flexible and fast delivery while I simultaneously work with leaders and product people to simplify the product and cut ballast everywhere possible.

If you’re running out of chances, this is for you.

Impossibly Possible

Every company I’ve been to has a problem that everyone sees, and nobody wants to touch. Sometimes it is a legacy system that nobody understands anymore, or it’s a new idea that has so much political, product, or technical risk that people run away from it.

I am drawn to the scary problems a company has, like a moth to a flame. When you have a problem that won’t go away, and nobody wants to deal with it, I’ll find a way to solve it fearlessly.

Initiative Liftoffs

It may seem like common sense, but when groups know what the mission is and know how to achieve it, they have a higher chance of success than groups who try to figure those things out as they go.

If you have a major initiative that needs the best chance possible of success, spending 1-3 days in a liftoff will do that. Teams go through my liftoffs with better teamwork, alignment, and awareness of what it will take to succeed. How effective are my liftoffs? A team I lifted off achieved in 4 months what a regular team achieved in 12.

Product Strategy

Clients of mine hurry into spending hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on products nobody will use. Don’t let that be your next product. With a clear strategy, you can give yourself a better chance of success and have options if not. I’ll help you answer questions like:

  • Should we build or buy?
  • What is the opportunity cost for this idea?
  • What different monetization models can we use?
  • How do we de-risk the product?
  • What is the scope for the MVP?
  • How many teams do we need?
  • How should the teams operate?
  • What metrics and analytics should we track?

Assessments and Health Checks

I’ve been around numerous clients and companies, and everyone wants to know how they’re doing compared to the industry or someone else. If you’re doing an extensive transformation, you may want to know how groups adapt and how they are holding up.

I’ll figure out the most pressing questions that you need answers to and create an appropriate assessment to answer those questions.

A variation on this offering is getting a clearer picture of what is happening with other contracting firms and agencies. I can help cut through the talk and help you see what you’re paying for.

Technical and Product Coaching

Maybe none of the offerings above make sense for you, but you want to grow either your technical or product capabilities. This offering is that. I’ll partner with your employees to find out exactly what areas we can develop and work with them as they grow their knowledge, confidence, and capabilities.

Other clients have found this offering useful when:

  • They have new product people that need support
  • Recent turnover has left a leadership gap in several teams
  • There’s a realization that doing things the same way as always is no longer viable
  • A new idea you want to pilot needs the best chance of success

Workshops & Training

If you’re not sure about where to start, workshops and training are a good choice. I offer training and workshops covering a range of topics and needs. Please check this listing for my most popular options.

Don’t see what you need or want to customize one? That’s fine, contact me, and we’ll adapt a workshop to your needs.

Click here for a list of my current workshops

Professional Facilitation

If there is a major event or meeting coming up that has to go well, this is the option for you. I’m a trained facilitator with lots of practice facilitating multi-day high-stakes events. Whether it’s a board of directors meeting or a 15-minute standup, I will help ensure that the meeting goes smoothly and achieves the right outcomes.


I speak at conferences all over the country on a wide range of topics from technical practices, career growth, transformation, and others. Perhaps you need an outside voice to catalyze a new idea with a talk, or you want to kick off a larger event with a keynote. Unlike workshops, almost all speaking engagements will be customized for you, so reach out to me if you’d like to talk through options.