Workshops & Training

Agile Roles

There is a lot of Scrum training out there, and a lot of it is great. What is often missing though is how to really excel within a given role in Scrum.

If you’re a Scrum Master, this will equip you with techniques for all of your events and coaching those around you.

If you’re a Product Owner, this will help you develop your product management skills as well as working seemlessly with a development team.

If you’re a developer, you’ll know how Scrum is supposed to help you and how to make that happen.

Agile Team Performance Essentials

A client gave me the challenge to make a team so good that nobody can argue with the results. That is my kind of crazy. This workshop is built around what steps you can take with your teams to create a level of high-performance that is hard to argue with.

This workshop isn’t academic or theoretical, it involves practical steps that teams and groups can take in almost every environment. We will cover how to quickly bootstrap a team with Scrum, adopting essential technical practices, working with leadership, product management, and metrics.

Agile Team Performance Essentials will challenge your beliefs about performance, but enable better results. This workshop is an easy way to get a feel for the 10x performance offering.

Facilitate Like You Mean It

Too many meetings are happening that fail to deliver are plaguing companies and groups everywhere. A bad meeting could result in missing a decision costs millions. It’s time for bad meetings to stop.

In this workshop you’ll learn the core techniques of facilitating a meeting. You’ll learn how to create agendas people understand and agree with, how to guide meetings back on track, handle interruptions, and run collaborative exercises to harness the wisdom of the group.

Seriously, it’s time to put an end to bad meetings.

Scoping and Slicing

Product people have to answer a number of core questions like what are we going to keep in scope and what order should we do it in?

This workshop is built around techniques to uncover scope, break it down, and prioritize it into achievable pieces. Scoping and slicing is a key ingredient to product owner and product manager success. My approach to scoping and slicing is to create clear measurable outcomes, systematically remove non-essentials, then slice in a way that yields a product with minimum complexity, is easily scaled, and new features added when needed.

Getting Started With Test-Driven Development

Test-Driven Development is widely regarded as a best-practice, yet almost nobody does it. In this workshop we will explore how to get started with TDD (Test-Driven Development), its limitations, and how to assess if it is paying off. This workshop is not theory, but involves hands on guided practice building an example project and analyzing the results.