A List of Books that Made a Difference

There are so many sources that I draw on for any given engagement with a client, but I thought it might be interesting to maybe put a list of books that I feel impacted me the most. This won’t be completely exhaustive, but hopefully gives you some more material if you’re looking to expand your knowledge or skills.


The books in this list cover a wide range of topics that stick with me in almost everything I do professionally.

  • Humble Inquiry
  • Toyota Kata
  • The Toyota Way
  • How To Measure Anything
  • Impact Mapping
  • Escaping the Build Trap
  • Agile Retrospectives
  • 7 Habits for Effective Change
  • Running Lean
  • The Lean Startup
  • The Phoenix Project
  • The Game
  • Continuous Delivery
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Out of the Crisis
  • Lean Change Management
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Collaboration Explained
  • Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow
  • The Responsibility Process
  • The Secrets of Consulting
  • Accelerate
  • The Art of Focused Conversation
  • Mindset
  • The Checklist Manifesto
  • Joy Inc.
  • Behind Closed Doors
  • Never Split the Difference
  • Coaching Agile Teams


These books in particular shape how I approach the business end of consulting. There is some overlap with the above list, but some of these are just too specific.

  • Flawless Consulting
  • Million Dollar Consulting
  • Implementing Value Pricing
  • Spin Selling
  • Profit First
  • The 1-Page Marketing Plan
  • Your First 1000 Copies
  • Newsletter Ninja
  • The Consulting Bible
  • Value-Based Fees