Outlines for Article Series or a Book

As I promised in my newsletter (Which you should be reading) I offered thoughts around two books or at least an article series on two topics. What comes next are the core questions I want to answer in each one.

How-To Launch and Lead Software Teams

  • Why this book?
  • Bad vs good?
  • What need is there for this?
  • Is there research supporting teams?
  • How do I launch a team?
  • How do I support teams going forward?
  • How do I help teams help themselves?
  • How do I know it’s working?
  • What is my 90 day plan?
  • What are common problems and what can I do about them?
  • Can you improve your team today?

Software Developer’s Survival Guide

  • How do I solve really hard problems?
  • How do I separate myself from everyone else?
  • What traits will make me stand out the most?
  • How do I lead?
  • What should I avoid in my career?
  • What foundational skills should I learn?
  • How do I work within a company
  • How do I work in a start up?
  • How do I become a freelancer?
  • What are my career paths?
  • How do I get a promotion?

What do you think? Did I answer your questions?