Taking a Stance

I’ve found myself in the past 2-3 weeks, well, unlike myself. I realized that who I am now is a lot more like the person I used to be, and I have been thinking about how I’ll move past it.

One part of that is the idea of creating a stance. Years ago, as a part of some training, we were asked to design a stance that we take in a specific situation. I still remember how I felt choosing that stance and that I could make it through whatever comes next.

To create a stance, think through who you are in your ideal version of you in that setting. Jot down a few words or phrases that capture the essence of that version of you. You don’t need more than 3-5 phrases likely. Check those phrases back against that image of yourself and see if something is missing.

Now that you have this stance, take a few minutes before you go into that situation, look at that stance you’ve created, and get back to that version. You can’t always be that person every day, but you can be one shade closer to the full and vibrant color of that person.