What Lifestyle Do You Want?

It’s time to talk about your lifestyle, and what you’re doing to make sure you’re working towards it.

Take some time aside from your busy activities. Let’s say thirty minutes, and begin ask yourself this question:

You wake up in the morning sometime in the future to the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. What is different?

Take note of what comes to mind and write those things down. Look at that list of things and reflect on it. What do you really want in your life and to have with your lifestyle? You may discover that your job has a very different place in that future.

That is perfectly fine.

The question now becomes, if that is where you want to go, what is the next step in your life or career to get you even one inch closer?

We spend so much of our life entangled with our job, paying bills, and other chores that it is easy to let life slide by. Be intentional about changing your own story to the one that leads to your, “Happily ever after.” Maybe you want a promotion. Maybe a new job. Maybe you want to do better with your finances. Today is the best day you can work towards it.

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