Habit: Update your Resume

Getting ready to change jobs takes a lot of effort and courage. After you’ve made up your mind, then comes all details of getting ready: Searching for jobs, asking friends, updating resumes, LinkedIn, and so on. But, there is a habit that if you start now and keep up with it will pay off in multiple ways.

Updating your resume continuously.

Sounds boring, but here’s how it works. Treat your resume as a journal of impactful things you’ve done. Look at it each month, record the most impactful things you’ve accomplished. When it’s time for a new job, use those impact statements to tailor your resume for the next job.

Your resume becomes a menu of your own awesome. Choose the ingredients you need for the job you want.

Also, this same journal is something you can use during review time to seek a raise or promotion. Give them a reason to pay you more.

It does take a little extra work, but setting aside thirty minutes a month to update your resume will pay off many times more than the time you spent. When you decide to change jobs or get a raise, have your best ammunition on hand instead of searching for it.


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