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The Cold Interview

27 Apr 2021

What you can do when you are sitting across from an interviewer who doesn’t want to be there? In this article I share a tip on how to combat this tricky situation.


Thinking About a Portfolio Site?

15 Sep 2020

I get asked pretty regularly by people about how to go about building a portfolio site. My controversial answer is, “Don’t.” What I want to talk about today is why I recommend limiting your time making a portfolio site and using that time on other things.


Practice Those Interviews

31 Aug 2020

I talked with a friend this week who was asking for some advice about if they should apply to some jobs they found recently. Before deciding now if they want the job, I suggested that they start with treating them as practice. We then talked about some things to consider practicing during interviews. Let me say a little about practice, and then I’ll give three examples.


Acing Remote Interviews

14 Apr 2020

There are lots of strategies you can employ when preparing for a job interview. There are a few more opportunities to pay attention to when you are interviewing remotely. So how can you set yourself up for even more success when you interview from afar?


The Interviewing Cast

11 Feb 2020

So you’ve built your resume, put time into a portfolio, contributed to GitHub, and polished your LinkedIn. After you send in your application, who sees it, and what are they looking for?