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When you apply for a job, first impressions matter. Employers look at your resume and decide in 60-90 seconds if they'll give you more time or throw your application in the trash.

You need a resume that makes them want to talk to you every single time.

Every time you get an offer you can negotiate at least $10,000 extra. If you have 5 jobs in your career, that is $50,000 extra you can make.

You need a resume that shows companies why you're worth it.

My Story

When I started my career I started with a resume full of things like: Teaching English, Bartending, and Lifeguarding. Not one bit of development to show.

It was soul-crushing sending so many applications and hearing nothing.

I got focused on my whole approach to applying to jobs. I built a system that slowly but steadily got me more and more interviews to the point that I was getting a call every time I applied.

Within six months I had my first job!

Two more interesting things happened as I bounced from job to job. A friend told me to think about my job as a way to get the lifestyle I want. A manager told me that every time I skip negotiating I leave money on the table.

I incorporated these two pieces into my approach to taking jobs. Within three years I tripled my salary. Now I have my own business where I make almost 10x what I started making, and I negotiated at least $10,000 at each job along the way.

A few years ago I wondered if others could do what I do. My very first student said this:

"3 months ago I landed a dream job working on a product that I had already used and loved for the better part of a decade with a salary that I would have laughed at if you told me five years ago. It would be an understatement to say that I worked hard for all of this, but it is also completely true that none of this would have been possible without the ways that Ryan poured into me."

What You'll Learn

Your $10k Resume is a multi-week live class where you'll learn and practice building a resume that gets you more interviews and accelerates your career.

Want some specifics? Here are some things you'll learn:

  • A resume strategy that can get up to a 100% interview rate
  • How to use all that non-development experience
  • My exclusive MMAPS Resume framework
  • How to use a resume to get a raise or negotiate a higher salary
  • Dozens of hacks that make sure your resume is the one at the top of their pile
  • Building a resume using my battle-tested format
  • ... and more

The Structure

Your $10k Resume is priced at $500 $250. That gets you into a cohort of other people wanting to maximize their interviews and compensation.

We will go through a multi-week course where I will teach you everything you need to know. We'll also have group coaching sessions weekly where I will help you put everything into practice

Bonus:If you pay in full, I'll also work one-on-one with you more deeply to make sure you have the greatest advantage

If you want to enroll but can't pay in full, contact me and we will figure it out.


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