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How I Stopped On Call Support

03 Sep 2020

For the first few jobs in my career, I lived with what many did, the dreaded on-call rotation. That is, for the uninitiated, when you do your typical workday, and then you remain available to handle support issues through the night. One particular job left me with several weeks of late-night calls, and I couldn’t stand it anymore. So here’s the story of how I stopped doing on-call support from then on.


Practice Those Interviews

31 Aug 2020

I talked with a friend this week who was asking for some advice about if they should apply to some jobs they found recently. Before deciding now if they want the job, I suggested that they start with treating them as practice. We then talked about some things to consider practicing during interviews. Let me say a little about practice, and then I’ll give three examples.


What’s My Value

28 Aug 2020

On Friday, I led two back-to-back workshops about building resumes that lead to getting interviews, nearly 100% of the time. One of the things I was most worried about teaching people was how to write their experience in a way that shows value.